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Kirei Culture Cosmetic is an e-commerce website dedicated to personal shopping services by sourcing beauty trends from around the globe and bringing them to your door.

Elodie and Colleen experts and passionate about the beauty industry, thoughtfully curate a collection of some of the most trusted and hard to find brands from around the world.

We offer you an outstanding Personal Shopping service:

Have you heard about a beauty product that you can’t wait to try only to find out it’s not available in your country? Kirei Culture Cosmetic offers you a personal shopping experience by delivering that product to your door. Email us your wish list and we will make your cosmetic dreams becomes a reality. We carefully provide you with the best personalized recommendations and service and strive for the most accurate pricing available in the country where you wish to buy your product.

How do we curate the best selection for you?

We are obsessed with beauty products as much as you are and each product we offer on Kirei Culture Cosmetic has been carefully chosen.

Colleen’s access to insider beauty as a professional makeup artist and Elodie’s experience as a hair professional and contacts with top beauty Vloggers, Kirei Cosmetics sources only the best and most coveted beauty products. With many years of experience using and trying different beauty products: from skin-care to make-up and shampoo, we only select the ones that uphold their promises to be included on our site.

Why Kirei Culture Cosmetic?          

After many years in the beauty industry on opposite sides of the Atlantic, Elodie, French and Colleen, North-American, finally met in Miami, Florida (USA). Apart from their passion for cosmetics, they have many things in common, one of which is a love of Japanese culture. While Elodie spent 7 years of her childhood in Ōta, Colleen started her career as a famous model in Tokyo.

Being women the phrase “we always want what we cannot have” struck a chord with them. Elodie is very fond of American make-up and Colleen is addicted to French skin-care. Continuing their research in that direction they determined that many women desire French or American cosmetics that are not available in their countries.

(Finally these two entrepreneurs love to travel, explore countries and other cultures.)

With this common past and passion for the beauty industry, they launch the online store Kirei Culture Cosmetic; Kirei which means “Pretty” in Japanese, Culture and Cosmetic for their passion for travel, exploring beauty rituals and worldwide cosmetics.

Today, little by little, Elodie and Colleen look beyond their borders to offer the best cosmetics available from other countries.

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